Cremation Authorization Instructions

For your convenience, we are including this authorization form for you.

Please print out and write in only the name of the deceased at the top of the Page. Please complete your information on the bottom of the page in the red box.  Please initial 2 check marks on the Page next to #2 and #11 and sign at the check mark on the bottom of the Page in the red box. Your signature will need to be witnessed but does not need to be notarized. If you have access, please fax this completed authorization form to 352-357-4140 or scan and email to [email protected]   You will also need to mail the page with your original signature to Harden/Pauli Funeral Home, Post Office Box 657, Eustis, Florida 32727-0657. If you have any questions, please call us at 352-357-4126

Cremation Authorization Forms

Click the link below to download and print the forms.

>Authorization Form

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